Wedding Upgrade Alert: 10 Luxury Ring Boxes

We chose not to have a ring bearer for our wedding ceremony, mainly because we didn’t know any younger boys to give the position to at the time. Besides, do you really want to tie two expensive investment pieces to a pillow and entrust a rambunctious 6 year old with them? 😉

Note: You can always use fake rings if you do opt for the ring bearer with pillow route

The next best thing is to utilize the best man. In fact, below is photographic evidence of the moment when my husband took the wedding ring, neatly tucked in its box, from his brother.


I will never forget the moment because our marriage commissioner was adamant that the best man not touch the rings — EVER! His primary duty was to open the ring box for the groom.

To this day, I am not 100% sure of the reasoning. Perhaps the officiant thought the ceremony would be spoiled, heaven forbid if cross contamination of rings happened. Or perhaps it was a pet peeve for the officiant and she liked the aesthetic of the box being presented to the groom, rather than the ring being handed over. In any event, if I had know it was going to be such a big focal point, I would have upgraded the generic mass produced black velvet ring box to something a little more special.

Which finally brings us to today’s topic – 10 luxury wedding ring boxes you likely won’t get from your local jeweler.

10 Luxury Ring Boxes Upgrades

1. Velvet Ring Box (Pantone Color)

by Secret Keeper Box

pantone cool gray ring boxVelvet Ring Box Peach Handmade Wedding Vintage Shiny Engagement Gift Bride
Velvet pantone aqua color ring boxvelvet pantone pirate black ring box

We’ll start with the basics. You might be content with the status quo – a standard velvet ring box.  But look what I found, wouldn’t you love to add a matching pop of brightness to your wedding color scheme rather than just a boring black box?

Lo and behold there is a company that makes such an item. In fact, they make them in all sorts of Pantone colors. You can get a custom ring box made to match your exact wedding color scheme!


2. Handmade Geometric Glassware

by Waen

geometric-box-wedding-band-box-for-wedding-ceremonyGeometric Ring Box
Geometric Ring Box with mossGeometric Ring Box by waen

I love stumbling upon a well styled living room on instagram! Grey/white color schemes that have an oversized comfy couch, trendy coffee table literature, a cozy throw and a good looking metallic geometric art piece somewhere on display really float my boat.

That’s why I fell hard for these super sweet geometric glassware by Waen.  They come in all different shapes and sizes, in metal finishes like bright copper, rustic copper, silver, and black.

Fill them up with sand, moss or dried flowers to make the perfect ring display for the engagement or the wedding day itself.  Following the wedding, you can keep using it as a charming jewelry box or a small planter.


3. Metal and Wood Custom Engagement Ring Box

by DPcustoms

Cubed Metal and Wood Custom Engagement Ring BoxCustom Solid Metal Engagement Ring Boxa

Simple and clean this custom cube made from metal and wood offers a simplistic but unique alternative to a generic black ring box.  Perfect for a modern wedding, I could definitely see this little gem working seamlessly in an urban city loft venue that has exposed wood beams, brick walls and metal ducts.


4. A Vintage Ring Box Find

on Etsy

Divine antique French ex voto – engagement – wedding ringWilliam Comyns Silver Wedding Box
Antique Ring Box Engagement or Wedding Ring BoxAntique Sterling Silver Presentation Ring Box, Birks Ellis Ryrie, Engagement Ring Box, Vintage Wedding1

I am all about vintage items!

If there is a vintage market taking place over the weekend, you can be sure I’ll be there.  It’s not only to look at old stuff, but to step back in time and imagine who owned the pieces and what their life must have been like.

So, when it comes to a vintage ring box, I think it is very romantic. To think that someone else in love gave a ring to their loved one using the same box is just fantastic. Definitely check out your local vintage Sunday Market, or take a look through Etsy for a vintage find.


5. Seashell Ring Box

by SeashellCollection

Seashell Ring Box with Swarovski Crystal Chain

She sells seashells by the seashore. Say that 10 times fast!

If you are having a wedding by the sea, this has to be the most fitting beach inspired ring box that you’ll ever see!


6. Sterling Silver Personalized Initial Ring Box

by SkadiJewellery

Sterling Silver Personalised Initial Ring Box

I’ve always been a fan of decorative details like fleur de lis, hinged lid, handles, or rivets. This ring box gives the imipression of a modern day take on medieval storage of precious jewellery. Use it for the wedding, as well as afterwards to store tiny treasures.


7. Wedding Ring Box Shabby Chic

by dazzlingexpressions

Wedding Ring Box Shabby Chic

A painted wooden box for a rustic wedding. Your very own custom initials shabby chic wood ring box can be used for carrying rings to the altar, and makes a great keepsake afterwards!


8. Geodesic Wooden Ring Box

by byronandgome

Wooden geo shaped ring boxWooden ring box

Geo — what?

A geodesic ring box. Yes, I had to Google to find out the meaning as well. This beautiful hand sawn and hand planed ring holder would make a fitting vessel for couples who love minimalist style, and have an appreciation for architecture and nature.


9. Faberge Egg Ring Box

by Natalie Orig Studio

Pink Hearts of Love Engagement Ring Box fabergePink Hearts of Love Engagement Ring Box faberge eggs

Your guests will say ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ over this stunning Faberge egg ring box.

Don’t worry, the price tag is more reasonable than a real Faberge egg.

Made from a goose egg that was hand cut in a downward V, painted with white pearl paint and embellished with with fuchsia Swarovski jewel crystals, the presentation in and of itself is a statement. Jewels, gold color, and a touch of flair reminiscent of 18th century European style that might just possibly define luxury ring box.


10. A Romantic Book Ring Box

by Spellbinderie

Custom Hollow Book wedding ring box

Any hopeless romantics out there?

Hide your rings in an ornate keepsake ring box.  Made from an antique French book, it has several blank pages for someone to write a heartfelt message inside.  I could see this being used for as a unique gift for an unsuspecting proposal, or a unique way to have your wedding rings carried down the aisle at an outdoor vintage-themed garden wedding.  This ring box book exudes romantic notions!

Thank for stopping by. Find a luxury ring box that you like? Let us know in the comment section below.

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