Top 5 Great Gatsby Wedding Invitations: Refined Yet Raucous

Today’s Top 5 Invite Post builds on the Art Deco invite style from a few days ago to give you a few amazing examples of an intimate and intertwined cousin of the Deco style: Great Gatsby. Given that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby in 1925, it is no wonder that the fictional story adopts the popular styling of the day.

We admit that Love & Lavender’s own wedding tried to capture the essence of 1920s glitz, glam, and excessive indulgence rooted in, as one Gatsby critic observes about the story, ‘the decadent downside of the American dream’. Naturally, we hosted our soiree at a historic mansion built in 1911 that maintains much of its original charm, heritage, and opulence to this day.

In any event, the story just happened to be a favorite growing up, and still holds much allure to this day for many couples planning a wedding.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at our top 5 invites to set the tone for your Gatsby themed wedding day!


Great Gatsby Wedding Invites to make Daisy Buchanan Proud

Overall, Great Gatsby themed wedding stationery should exude a sense of purposeful luxury in no uncertain terms. Jay Gatsby-style monograms or wax seals are all fair game as a stylish reminder of who is starring in the celebration. Neither the words frugal nor DIY have a place in a Gatsby invite. Gold on black or white are always an appropriate color combination, as are Art Deco design elements, pearls, and other icons of 1920s bling.

1. Vintage Romance Invite

Designer: Elly

vintage romance black wedding invite

A talented artist named Elly from Singapore came up with this curvaceous and vintage romance design. A black tie affair deserves a gold foil pressed invite that shimmers and shines just like you on your wedding day. Both the blush pink and sky blue color options are equally as radiant and provide a different feel than a gold on black look. It all depends on your color scheme and what look you are trying to achieve.

Printing: Foil-Pressed
Format: Flat card
Dimensions: 7″ X 5″
Colors: Night, Blush, Sky


2. Gatsby Frame Invite

Designer: Phrosne Ras

Gatsby frame invite

A designer from South Africa took a stab at Gatsby stationery goodness and nailed it with this Gatsby Frame design! We love Phrosne’s intricate Deco inspired design pattern utilizing gold foil on white with simple and clean typography. Real foil comes in gold, rose gold, and silver options.

Printing: Foil-Pressed
Format: Flat card
Dimensions: 5″ X 7″


3. Midnight Glam

Designer: Kristie Kern

Midnight glam foil pressed invite

There’s something wonderful about Kristie’s Midnight Glam invite design that I just love. The stark contrast of black background with white text, together with real gold foil, provides a spotlight effect that screams, “This is going to be a wedding you WON’T WANT TO MISS!”

Format: Flat card
Dimensions: 5″ X 7″



It passed, and he began to talk excitedly to Daisy, denying everything, defending his name against accusations that had not been made. But with every word she was drawing further and further into herself, so he gave that up, and only the dead dream fought on as the afternoon slipped away, trying to touch what was no longer tangible, struggling unhappily, undespairingly, toward that lost voice across the room.

The voice begged again to go.

“PLEASE, Tom! I can’t stand this any more.”

Her frightened eyes told that whatever intentions, whatever courage, she had had, were definitely gone.

“You two start on home, Daisy,” said Tom. “In Mr. Gatsby’s car.”

She looked at Tom, alarmed now, but he insisted with magnanimous scorn.

“Go on. He won’t annoy you. I think he realizes that his presumptuous little flirtation is over.”

— The Great Gatsby


Etsy Great Gatsby Wedding Invites

The popular curated seller of handmade goods Etsy has a lot of different Great Gatsby design options at price points that won’t break the bank. Downloadable files mean you can print at home, or get a local printing company to help you out. Some Etsy vendors do offer a complete printing package if that is the route you want to take.

We encourage you to browse their Gatsby selection and see if one catches your eye! Just don’t get caught up in over the top Gatsby designs with gold lines running everywhere.

Here’s a couple from 5-star rated sellers we love that exude Jay Gatsby suave style.

4. Scalloped Gatsby Inspired Invite & RSVP

Designer: Beautifully Bevilled

scalloped Gatsby invite design

A gold and black design accented by a wonderful Deco scalloped pattern — certainly chic and glamorous looking! Reasonably price for both the invite and RSVP file, which you can print out as many times as you like.

Format: Digital File
Invite Dimensions: 5″ X 7″
Colors: Gold, Black



5. DIY printable Great Gatsby Stationery Set

Designer:Rita B Designs Inc

great gatsby invites Etsy

We picked this Gatsby inspired design for its unusually playful nature and lack of ‘black overload’ that you sometimes get with Deco/Gatsby designs. Great work from a Canadian designer!

Format: Digital File
Invite Dimensions: 5″ X 7″
Colors: Gold, Black, White


Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

We’ve got a couple amazing examples of how to integrate a Great Gatsby theme into your real wedding. A glitzy styled shoot portraying the roaring ’20s really captures the fashion and fun of a Gatsby theme. In addition, a glamorous real wedding from Utah has some great Art Deco elements.

Styled Wedding Glitz and Glam of the Roaring 20’s

Glamorous 1920s Inspired Wedding at La Caille





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