Guide to Personalized Wedding Stamps: Types & How to Use

A wedding should be one of the most special occasions in your life. And one way to make it even more special is to add personal touches throughout the entire process. Personalize your decorations, the food, and even the stamps that adhere to your awesome stationery!

A personalized ink wedding stamp is a sure fire way to make your occasion more unique and memorable -- and that's what this article is all about.

These days, DIY wedding invitations and projects are popular among couples who are planning to tie the knot. This article from The Huffington Post recommends personalizing wedding invitations in different ways, one of which is the custom stamp. You can use a stamp to customize your wedding invitations, table cards, and giveaways among other things.

The rubber stamp is a tiny tool that can be dipped in ink and pressed on paper to print names, dates, and other symbols. Most people use “rubber stamp” as the collective term for these tools. But aside from rubber, stamps are also made from different materials like acrylic, foam, and clear polymer.

Types of Personalized Wedding Stamps

If you plan to use a personalized rubber stamp for your wedding, you first need to know about the different types of stamps. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages as outlined below:

1. Mounted Stamps

As the name implies, this kind of stamp is permanently mounted on a wooden block.

​With mounted stamps, aside from ink you don’t need to buy other supplies. They come in a variety of beautiful wedding designs and feature a clean, polished look.

​The downside to using mounted stamps is that they are bigger than unmounted stamps, making them harder to store. ​If you are going to use just one or two mounted stamps for your wedding, then storing them shouldn’t be a problem.

Furthermore, you need to take extra care of the wooden block of a mounted stamp. You should avoid soaking it in water or exposing it to extreme heat. These could damage the wood and create ​cracks.

2. Unmounted Stamps

​As the term suggests, this kind of stamp is not permanently mounted on a wooden block. ​Unmounted stamps are only mounted temporarily with the use of glue or cling foam. Some personalized wedding stamps are unmounted.

​The great thing about unmounted stamps is that they are cheaper than mounted stamps. They also come in sheets that include not just one, but several images. Just like their mounted counterparts, the unmounted ​stamp variety also feature a clean and polished look.

​The downside to using this kind of stamp is that you need to mount it onto a block before you can use it. You will also need to buy some foam, glue, or other adhesives to mount the stamp onto the block. You will also need a pair of scissors or a sharp knife to cut the stamp design from the sheet.

​3. Clear Acrylic Stamps

Just like the previous kind of stamp, clear acrylic stamps need to be mounted on a block before you can use them. Because they are clear, it is easy to place them onto the block properly.

​Clear acrylic stamps ​have an adhesive surface. You can mount them without having to use glue or foam. Just like unmounted stamps, they are also affordable and come with several images.

​The downside to using clear acrylic stamps is that sometimes they result in soft images. To solve this, you only need to stamp it lightly for a sharper image.

In addition, clear acrylic stamps are not as durable as rubber stamps. They are also more prone to ink stains. Although the ink tends to stain all kinds of stamps, the stains are more evident on clear acrylic stamps.

4. Foam stamps

​Foam is another kind of material that you can make into personalized wedding stamps. Foam stamps are cheaper than other kinds of stamps.

​The biggest advantage of foam stamps is their light weight. They are easy to store and carry around. They are also great for bigger stamping projects such as posters, tablecloths, and table runners.

​The disadvantage of foam stamps is their limited wedding designs and patterns. They are also not as detailed as their rubber or clear acrylic counterparts. They also need a greater amount of ink to produce a good and clear image.

How to Use ​Wedding Stamps

​Once you've chosen the type of wedding stamp you like, you can start using it in different ways:


The wedding invitation is the first thing that your family, friends, and other guests will see. Make it special by using a personalized stamp on the envelope, save-the-date card, and the invitation itself. Your stamp will add an elegant touch to your wedding invitation, which guests can keep afterwards as a remembrance of the occasion.

Wedding Program

Create a customized look for your printed wedding programs by adding a personalized stamp to each one. This will leave a lasting impression on the members of your entourage, the officiating minister, and other guests at your wedding.

Place Cards

During the reception, the place cards will serve as guide for your guests as they find their tables. Adding a personalized stamp to the place cards will make them more unique and interesting. They might even decide to keep it as a reminder of your special day.


Your personalized stamps do not have to be limited to your invitations, programs, and place cards. You can use it to decorate the food labels, cupcake stickers, and favor bags. Just about anything you can think of that fits your wedding style could be personalized.

Thank You Notes

After the wedding, use your personalized stamp on thank you cards and notes. Your guests will appreciate the meaningful gesture.


Long after the wedding, keep your personalized stamp as a remembrance of your special occasion. ​In the future, use it to write romantic letters or cute notes to your spouse. With just one look at the stamp, ​memories ​will come flooding back and you will reminisce about your wedding day.

Make Your Day Special

Whether they are mounted or unmounted, personalized wedding stamps are all about ​adding another unique touch to your day. Depending on your preference, ​a stamp can be made of rubber, clear acrylic, or foam material.

​If you are a creative type with an eye for design details, I'm sure you'll come up with some amazing ways to incorporate stamps for your wedding. We look forward to seeing what you do!​

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  1. Thank you Love and Lavender cool and informative post on all the neat variations of wedding stamps. Myself I’m Japanese and as you may know Asians use personal stamps in daily communications as well as in weddings ( they often use stamps in lieu of a signature ). If you like I’m happy to sometime send you some examples of how Japanese are typically using stamps to add another dimension to their weddings. Decorations and favors which are a little bit different from US and European ones.

    (Editor, Storymywedding)

    • はじめまして (how do you do)
      Thanks for stopping by our site. I have been meaning to do more research on Japanese weddings in particular, as I lived in Japan for a while and came to love ‘all things Japanese’. Am always up for learning new things and your suggestion on how Japanese may use stamps for weddings is a good one.

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