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Real Wedding: Blue and Yellow Wedding

Blue and yellow wedding details, and some birds! That is what I noticed first when I saw Rich and Gia's amazing wedding pictures. From yellow shoes and flowers to blue bottles and DIY napkins, this wedding from Ohio is special! Here is…

Jason and Kelley’s Wedding

In the midst of the gray and rainy weather here in Seattle, this sunny wedding is a spot of joy! Kelley's inspiration for the day was rustic and vintage things, which she loves. She's especially fond of mixing beautiful older pieces with more…

Turquoise and Poppy Red Wedding at Texas Ranch

This turquoise and red wedding is full of absolutely stunning details, including one of our favorite color schemes!  Katherine O'Brien did such a wonderful job capturing Cindy and Mario's big day. The venue was a picturesque…

Stephanie and Edwin’s DIY Wedding

We are so excited to share today's gorgeous wedding, sent to us by the talented Kristi Wright. Stephanie and Edwin were married at Chapel Dulcinea and the reception was held at the 12 Oaks Ranch in Austin, TX. Stephanie did an amazing job with…
traditional Cambodian wedding ceremony bride and groom

Traditional Cambodian Wedding + American Reception

Angela and Kim began with a traditional Cambodian wedding ceremony and then held an American reception. The couple is attired in matching brightly-colored outfits, with opulent gold silk. Traditional Cambodian weddings use gold to represent…

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