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Real Wedding: Nautical Themed Wedding

I know that it is officially fall, but this summer nautical themed wedding full of blue, white, stripes, and anchors had me wishing for a couple more days at the beach in the sun! You know it's going to be a cute wedding when the first…
Cigar themed wedding

Elegant Blue and White Striped Tent Wedding

When you think of blue and white stripes, you may have visions of a nautical theme dancing in your head - not quite the theme for your wedding.  However, today's elegant blue and white striped tent wedding will probably change your mind.  We…

Nautical Themed Wedding at the Detroit Yacht Club

Natalie and Adam were married at the Gross Point Academy Chapel, an old brick academy right alongside a river. They chose to have a nautical theme for their wedding, with the idea of "tying the knot." Very fittingly, the reception was held…

Tag Archive for: Nautical