Tieks Review: Are These Colorful Bridal Flats Worth the Money?

In this Tieks review article we take a look at one such shoe option – bridal flats! On special occasions such as your wedding day, your feet deserve stylish AND comfy shoes. Many brides splurge a little and choose to wear a designer bridal heel for their big day. I completely understand and absolutely condone such splurge behavior.

Speaking from experience, I know that after the wedding ceremony it feels good to kick off your sexy heels and put on a pair of dancing shoes, also known as flats. Let’s be honest: flats are more comfortable, there is less risk of tripping or falling, and if you are still wearing a gown (once it is bustled) nobody has to know that you are wearing flats.

I have seen brides wear all types of bridal shoes: sandals, fancy flip flops, espadrilles, oxfords and even ballet flats. So I though I would share a pair of flats that I think make for the perfect bridal flats and of course perfect honeymoon travel flat for after the wedding as well.

The flats are called Tieks by Gavrieli.

I like them, and so does Oprah – they were featured as part of Oprah’s O List in both 2011 and 2012.

Bridal Flats with a Blue Bottom

Still looking for your something blue?

Maybe blue bottom bridal flats are the answer. We love the look, and are seeing them show up in more real weddings that we feature like the one below.

a pair of bridal flats for Tieks review articlenewlyweds embrace with bride wearing Tieks by Gavrieli

Credits: Above featured real wedding captured by ENV Photography

Tieks Company Overview

Tieks is a family run business whose mission is to become the most versatile designer flats in the world.

Now to be honest, Tieks are not for a bride on a budget.  Unless you are the type of bride who simply must prioritize her wedding day shoe choice, in which case you will feel quite comfortable shelling out anywhere from $175-$345+ for these ballet flats.

Made from the finest Italian leathers (or vegan textiles), these flats involve over 150 steps to put together and nearly three days to make.

Wow, even my IKEA bed frame didn’t take that long to assemble! With all that time and energy involved, it begs the question …

Are these colorful flats worth the money?

Personally, I think they are worth every penny.

“Portable, durable, and stylish.”

You can tell the craftsmanship and love that goes into creating each pair. The shoes are treated to be flexible yet durable, and are designed to fold and fit into a purse – perfect for a maid of honor to safeguard until you need them. Not to mention they are absolutely adorable!

I will let you make the ultimate decision as to whether or not Tieks are worth your hard earned cash. The company has been going strong for a few years now and their product is more popular than ever. After receiving a pair myself, I’ve recommended them to a few girl friends who also bought a pair. They L-O-V-E them too!

tiek ballet flats wedding boutique screenshot

What color Tieks should I get?

That’s the first question to ask yourself once you’ve decided to take the Tieks plunge.

When I went to order my pair of Tieks online I was overwhelmed with so many color options and styles that I had a difficult time narrowing down the exact pair that I wanted.  Even though the patterns and high shine patents were fab, I thought it best to stick with my go to colors: traditional black and fuchsia.

Ordering these flats was a breeze, especially with Tieks free shipping and returns policy. Plus, my flats were mailed out the very next day.

Tieks Unboxing

I love receiving packages in the mail, even more so when a super cute and colorful box is involved.  Opening a pair of Tieks from their fresh turquoise box is a lot like opening a Christmas gift. The rhinestone crusted flower on top together with hand written note was such a nice touch. Right away you can tell the shoes are high quality, and look and feel like they are made to last! They come with a compact pouch, which is designed to easily compress folded Tieks for travel and convenient larger tote to hold those bridal heels.

Tieks review - great packaging, comfort, and quality


Key Purchase Questions

Do Tieks come in half sizes?

No, Tieks don’t come in half sizes. The FAQ page indicates that you can either size up or size down if you normally wear a half size.  I wear a size 10 and have wide feet. The Tieks size 10 was definitely tight around my big toe and the size 11 was much more comfortable for me. So if you have wider feet, I would suggest going up a size.

Do Tieks have arch support?

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of arch support. When buying flats one should already be aware that there isn’t going to be a ton of arch support. While Tieks do offer more support than other flats on the market, they still aren’t enough to wear as an everyday shoe if you have flat feet (like myself).

Where can I buy Tieks?

You can only purchase Tieks online. This can be scary for a shoe product becauset you can’t try them on before you buy them. Not to worry! Tieks offer free shipping and free returns on all orders. So if you need a different size for example, simply return them and get the new size.

Do Tieks stretch out?

Tieks will stretch out a little bit and should mold to your feet as you wear them. This is good news for people who may have different sized feet – like my friend whose right foot is half a size bigger than her left! Note that it can take a bit of time for new Tieks to be totally broken in. I recommend you try wearing them for one or two hours a day for an initial three week time period. It can take a month or two for the flats to really stretch and become comfy ‘slipper-like.’


Tieks Review: Pros & Cons


  • Tieks uses cushions instead of elastic in the back of the heel, which eliminates indentation, painful blisters and needing band-aids.
  • Tieks flats come with a small pouch for your flats and a larger tote for your other shoes.
  • Thanks to a split-sole design you are able to fold Tieks right in half.  The small pouch allows you to take them with you and pull them out any time your feet need a break.
  • They have a fun turquoise blue color no-skid rubber sole.
  • They’re made from super soft leather
  • Tieks flats weigh practically nothing, making them a versatile travel shoe. A good solution for those trying to pack light for a trip or honeymoon.


  • No half sizes
  • Limited arch support
  • Online only purchase option


Overall Verdict

Overall they are extremely comfortable and have a noticeable turquoise soles, perfect for footwear photo ops at your wedding. Tieks are easy to slip on and light weight, which makes them extremely easy to wear. I would definitely recommend these shoes for you and/or your bridal party to dance the night away on your special day!

Tieks has a Wedding Boutiek full of fantastic wedding inspired colors. Alternatively, wouldn’t they make for a wonderful bridesmaid gift?


For additional inspiration and ideas take a look at my ultimate list of popular designer bridal shoes. And, feel free to blame me if your future hubby wants to know where a portion of the wedding budget went.

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  1. Yes! I wore Tieks on my big day and loved the way the blue soles added that fun pop of color in the photos! What I loved even more was how comfortable they kept my feet from start to finish. Worth every penny, imo!

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