23 Amazing Ways to Turn Wedding Vows into Art

Our topic for today: Vow art that wows. Immortalize your love by creating a vow art piece you’ll cherish forever!

Without a doubt, your wedding day is one of the most unforgettable days of your life.  Making a special promise to someone to let them know that you want to be bound to them for the rest of your life is a big occassion. What better way to remember this promise than by creating and displaying your very own wedding vow art.

It wasn’t always that way. Marriage customs of the past didn’t place as much importance on wedding vows. Things have changed, and modern wedding ceremonies place a great importance on vows.

My advice is to take the necessary time to create special vows. Don’t wait until the last minute. That way, you can turn them into a piece of artwork that you’ll be proud to showcase in your home or workspace.

Wedding Vow Art Ideas

Wedding vow art can be used as part of the ceremony itself, as a display, piece of attire, or as a keepsake. Here are some unique ideas we researched to turn your wedding vows into works of art.

1. Origami Sculpture Parrot Wedding Vows

by FlorigamiShop

origami parrot under glass bell

If you are into Japanese art, the above image needs no introduction – a hand-folded origami parrot. Made up of your wedding vows and printed on iridescent white paper, this unique papercraft piece of art is an absolutely precious idea! It comes with a handmade wood base to display the bird as well as a glass bell to keep the parrot tucked safely away.

2. Calligraphy Picture Frame with Wedding Vows

by Between Lines by B

Modern Calligraphy Picture Frame Matte with wedding vows

What a perfect way to display a photo from the big day. Make it even more meaningful by surrounding it with a matte that displays your vows. After the wedding, this framed photo will remind you of your special promise to each other.

3. Framed Wedding Vow in Heart Shape


Framed Wedding Vows in a heart shape

Another option is to have your vows handwritten and framed on their own, which you can then use during the wedding ceremony and read from your framed vows aloud. Display them afterwards at the wedding reception.

4. Wedding Vow Aisle Runner

by Flourish Bespoke

Wedding Vows Aisle Runner

Instead of walking down a traditional red carpet, why not use a unique vow aisle runner instead? Write your vows along the aisle runner for a dramatic entrance. After the ceremony, you can use your customized aisle runner as a stunning backdrop for wedding photos.

5. Wedding Vow Handkerchief

by Thread Born Memories

Personalized wedding vows handkerchief

Want a unique gift to give your significant other after the wedding ceremony? A custom embroidered handkerchief complete with the promises you made to them on your wedding day. Later, frame and display the handkerchief as a keepsake.

6. Calligraphy Wedding Vows

by inkandmatter

Calligraphy Wedding Vows

Having your vows professional written in calligraphy is a special way to display such meaningful words. Add them to a shadow box (like the one below) with other bits and bobs from the wedding to create a very beautiful display.

7. Framed Bouquet, Invitation, and Vows in a Shadow Box

from Amazon

Shadow box for wedding stuff after the wedding

Many couples dry and preserve their wedding bouquet or groom’s boutonniere as a keepsake. You can place the flower arrangements into a frame together with your wedding invitation and vows. An all-in-one keepsake idea!

8. Wedding Vow Notebook or Journal

by araga

Wedding vow journal cover

If you or your spouse enjoy writing or keeping a journal, then a wedding vow notebook is a good gift idea. Purchase a couple of leather journals embossed with your wedding vows on the cover.

9. Lage Wedding Vow Poster

by ADoseOfDani

Custom wedding vow poster

Great typography never goes out of style. Create a poster using your wedding vows to make a fantastic display during both your wedding and reception. Afterwards, you can hang it in your bedroom as a unique keepsake.

10. Small Wedding Vow Print

by TheOystersPearl

Wedding vows print

Sometimes small is better. Create something like this small vintage-inspired type with your wedding vow as a beautiful keepsake beside your night stand. Something for just you to appreciate and admire every night before drifting off to sleep.

11. Wedding Vow Guest Book Poster

by Pink Moon Art

typewriter font poster for unique wedding guestbook

We love unique guestbook ideas like the one above (check out more cool guestbook ideas here). A poster that features your wedding vows can also double as your wedding guest book.

12. Wedding Vow Time Capsule

by arrowsarah

Wedding Vow time capsule

A time capsule is a great way to look back on a special occasion. Consider making a wedding vow time capsule that will be opened at a future date.

Right after your wedding, place your wedding vows in a time capsule together with other items. You can add your invitation, photos, letters, and other keepsakes.

After making the capsule, decide on a future date to open it. This can be on your tenth wedding anniversary or on another special day. Its always fun to look back at photos and other objects from such a special day.

13. Wedding Vow Pens

by six0sixdesign

Wedding vow pens in wood case

A set of two pens that displays your personalized wedding vows is certainly unique and funcationsl. Use the pens on your big day to sign documents during the ceremony, or for signing your guestbook.

14. Wedding Vow Keepsake Jewelry

by Spot Light Jewelry

Wedding Vow Keepsake Jewelry

Warning: this ones not for everyone. In fact, I’m not too sure if I would go out in public with it hanging around my neck. But hey, to each her own. Perhaps you identify with this idea, that’s why its on this list!! A unique way to display your wedding vows: type them out on a small scroll and insert into a tiny glass terrarium pendant.

15. Wedding Vow Wall Decal Stickers

by Right Side Stuff

Wedding Vow Wall Safe Vinyl Letters

Add a personal touch over your bed with vinyl wall art that features your wedding vows. You’ll be sure to have an “aww” moment every time you see it.

16. Engraved Wallet Card with Wedding Vows

by Message Me This

Engraved Wallet Card with wedding vows

Have your vows engraved on a metal wallet card so that you will always carry them close by.

17. Wedding Vow Pillow

by Finch and Cotter

Wedding Vow Pillow

Everyone loves a good throw pillow. Or is it, ‘everyone loves a good pillow to throw’? I can never remember. Either way, printing your vows on a pillow is definitely a unique idea!

18. Wedding Vow Sound Wave

by Artsy Voiceprint

Wedding Vows Custom Sound Wave Art Print

Not the type of couple who likes to splash personal vows around your house? Neither am I. That’s why I actually really like this idea. It’s well done as a piece of art and conversation piece in a room. Take a recording of your wedding day and turn it into a unique piece of art by capturing your wedding vows as a visual sound wave.

19. Personalized Jewelry with Wedding Vows

by Paper Anniversary Love

Personalized Jewelry with your Wedding VowsAgain, if you’re into displaying your vows through jewelry, a matching necklace and earring set for could make a beautiful present.

20. Custom Cufflinks + Tie Clip with Vows

by Paper Anniversary Love

Custom wedding vow cufflinks

Neat idea. Take your vows and make them into cuff links and/or a tie pin that the groom can wear on the big day.

21. Personalized embroidered fasting tape

by MagicEmbroidery

Personalized wedding vows embroidered on fasting tape

If you are wanting to incorporate a hand fasting ceremony during the wedding, rather than rope, look into this personalize embroidered tape that can display both of your vows.

22. Papercut Ketubah

by SayAnythingDesign

Papercut Ketubah idea

MAZAL TOV on your upcoming wedding! Find a beautiful Ketubah that will fit your wedding style so that you can display it at your wedding, and afterwards as home decor.

23. Framed Rustic Wall Clock

by RayMelsWedding Vows Framed rustic wall clock

Time waits for no man … or wedding vow. Wedding vows are a personal expression of a commitment to one another and you should be able to see them every day. You can do just that by having your own wedding vows clock.

You likely put a lot of time and effort into writing your wedding vows. Don’t let them be forgotten. Take the time to preserve them and make them beautiful! Wedding vow art turns your promises into something that you can see over and over again. You and your spouse will be forever reminded about the promise you made to one another.

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  1. Wow! There are some FANTASTIC ideas here.

    Getting my vows right is a huge part of my vision for my wedding day and I am sure I am going to do one of these once I finally get them finalised.

    I was wondering, do you have any examples of real life wedding vows? I have been trawling blog posts like this one: http://farewellfiance.com/modern-wedding-vows/, however there is little out there on vows that were said at REAL weddings

    • Elsa,
      Thanks for the comment. I don’t have a resource for ‘vows said at REAL weddings’ either, but now you’ve given me a great idea for an article! I will try to put together something soon.

  2. Just saw my vows on here! (Ink & Matter) Appreciate the feature and the credit 🙂

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