54 Unique Mens Wedding Bands


On the hunt for a handcrafted and stylish symbol of your eternal love?

Welcome to our huge list of cool men’s wedding band ideas. We’ve burned the midnight oil to research and select a number of rings we think you’ll really enjoy.

One massive list to highlight some of the most unique men’s wedding rings on the internet, broken down by material type to make it easier to browse.

​We regularly update this list. However, rings can sell out as many are one-of-a-kind creations by artisan jewelry makers. ​

​Sports Enthusiast’s Very Own Championship Wedding Ring

Made in the USA by: RenaissanceJewelry

Dear brides: please don’t hate ​us too much for suggesting this amazing basketball themed ring design.

​We understand that not everyone enjoys sports — one half of L&L is included in that category! However, chances are your future spouse has a secret or not-so-secret obsession with football, basketball, baseball, or even cricket (yup, that’s a real sport too)!

The design of this basketball themed gold wedding band has a classic appeal. Andew could especially see ​himself wearing the basketball ring. Of course, the fact that he’s watched NBA games for over 25 years could have something to do with it!

Definitely consider this a #1 draft pick for your man’s wedding ring!


Unique Men’s Gold Bands

Cracked Soil Textured Ring

by: WeddingRingsStore

Earthy, rugged, and made from 14k yellow gold, this ring’s appeal is its textured design and non-symmetrical look.  I see how the designer was inspired by ‘the eternal heat of Mojave Desert’ to forge this unique wedding band.

Groove Detailed Ring​​​​​

by: Blue Nile

A brushed finished ring with polished edges, this wedding band offers the wearer a sleek design at a great value.

Gold Double Urchin Band

by: Lauren Wolf Jewelry

This ring has a boho-beach feel to it, which could be why Lauren Wolf chose to name it ‘Gold Urchin’. The ruggedness of the ring is evident and should appeal to a ring buyer with a love for unique jewelry.

Coral Unisex Gold Wedding Band

by: Arosha

As a followup to our sea themed gold bands, we’re featuring this irregular coral design 18k gold wedding band from 5-star Etsy seller Arosha, based in Israel.

Tree Bark Wedding Band

by EveryBearJewel

​Made to resemble a twig or bark from a tree, this ring is anything but ordinary. A nature inspired wedding band that is made to order by a young Canadian artist.

Square Unisex Wedding Band

by: Doron Merav

Doron Merav is a talented Israeli designer whose ring styles speak for themselves. Why re-invent the wheel when you can have the unique shape of a square ring with onyx inset!

Rustic Distressed Wedding Band

by: Tinahdee


​The great thing about this ring is that any new nicks will only add to the design! All joking aside, I can see the work and craftmanship that the designer (Tina) has put into this ring

Mixed Metal Ring Solid Gold

by: JKASHI1889

A unique handmade gold band using an interesting mix of metals, integrating a beautiful matte finish design.

If this ring peaks your interest, definitely check out the other products that JKASHI1889 has created.  There are all sorts of unique and wonderful pieces.

Pointed Edge Wedding Ring

by: Angelo Paul Jewelry

Wielding this ring on your finger should come with a warning similar to that of the Red Rider Bee-Bee gun: “Be careful, you’ll poke your eye out!”

Classic Christmas jokes aside, I love the unique look from New Jersey based artist Angelo.

Gold Wedding Band FAQ

How is gold graded?

The term karat is a unit of measurement used to measure the purity of gold. Basically, the higher the karat the more pure the gold.

Similar to a diamond, the higher the Karat, the more dollar signs on the price tag. For example, 24 karat (also referred to as 24k) is known as pure gold. However, 24k gold likely won’t adorn your ring finger. In its pure state gold is pliable and very soft, and is generally considered unsuitable for jewelry such as wedding bands.

What’s so great about gold for my wedding band?

Gold has many desirable and unique characteristics that make it valuable both as a store of value and as an object of adornment in every country around the world. As for your wedding band, gold is a good choice because:

  • ​it is non-allergenic
  • it is easy to work and shape
  • it won’t tarnish
  • it will polish up to a mirror-like shine

Which gold karat should you choose?

From the question above you know that 24k gold is not really suitable for your wedding band. Which gold karat should you choose? Well, there are 3 different karat gold combinations which have become the standard for wedding bands: 18K, 14K, and 10K.

18K Gold Band

Contains 25% alloy and 75% gold; have a brighter yellow tone.

14K Gold Band

Contains 41.7% alloy 58.3% gold; have a darker yellow-orange tone.

10K Gold Band

Contains 58.3% alloy and 41.7% gold; paler in color with a less yellow tone.

In short, in order to make gold jewelry that’s long lasting and durable, gold is mixed with other metals called alloys. These alloys make the gold stronger and even change it’s color if desired. The alloy may add strength, but it will also diminish the value and may even cause allergic reactions and/or tarnish. In order to try and achieve the best balance between the desirable and valuable properties of gold (including strength) the three standard gold combinations were created.

All three of the gold karats are available in yellow, white, and rose gold. Typically, white gold alloys are stronger than yellow gold alloys, so a white gold ring will be slightly stronger and last a little longer than a yellow gold ring.

With all the different options for men’s gold wedding bands available, make sure to choose the right karat grade to fit your budget, style, design and color — the possibilities of this wonderful metal are truly endless!

Gold wedding band pricing

A 10k gold ring is the most affordable wedding band because it has the least amount of gold content. At the opposite end of the spectrum, an 18k gold ring is considered the most posh and expensive. For a mid-range wedding band, stick with a 14k gold band that combines a balance of good quality and price.

Learn more about gold metal

Gold has been prized for millennia by ancient and modern day civilizations alike as a symbol of prestige, luxury, and wealth. Furthermore, the rarity of gold along with its aesthetic qualities make it an ideal material as a symbol of immortality and power.

Yellow gold is often considered to be the most traditional metal for a man’s wedding band, offering a timeless and classic look. Gold is malleable and softer than many other types of metals, which makes it easier to fashion a wide selection of gold rings for grooms to choose from.

  • PROS
    • Gold ​has proven to hold its value over time
    • ​Gold is a great choice for those who love rich tones
    • Gold will not rust
    • ​Easier and cheaper to repair as well as re-size
    • ​Easily removed in a case of an emergency
    • ​All three karat golds are available in white, rose, or yellow gold
    • The lightness of gold rings make them comfortable
    • Gold rings can be easily made with custom designs or patterns
    • Can be inlayed with other metals or stone

  • CONS
    • ​Some people can develop allergic reactions from nickel alloy
    • If rhodium is included in the gold wedding band (gives gold shine) the Rhodium will have to be redone every couple of years
    • ​Gold wedding rings have a large environmental cost
    • ​Old wedding bands can scratch and bend

Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands

Black Diamond Channel Set Ring

by: Blue Nile

black diamond channel set white gold ring

Man’s best fashion friend is black.

Think tuxedo, black tie, and a black leather belt. Your ensemble is complete thanks to this enduring 14k white gold wedding band, showcasing striking channel-set black diamonds!

Clayton Black

by:  Jean Dousset

A luxury diamond jewelry house that specializes in creating handcrafted diamond engagement rings in West Hollywood presents this stunning handcrafted men’s wedding band design in black rhodium with black pavé diamonds.

Alternatively, you can contact the designer to customize options such as other white diamonds or material types (Platinum or 18K White Gold, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold)


by: Mark Schneider

A ring with a high polish finish, we love the ultra sleek look of this ring design!

Two Tone Diamond Wedding Ring

by:  Ritani

The slim profile of this 18kt white and yellow gold band with diamonds really appeals to me. Wonderful design from a trusted online jewelry store (Ritani).

Etched Channel Set Diamond Band

by: James Allen

High marks for this beautiful platinum 6mm diamond eternity band featuring a polished horizontal center trim between rows of three round cut stones.

Batman Band with Diamonds

by:  Metal Wendler

“Holy Wedding Band, Batman!”

Maybe not that practical for a ‘forever ring’, but then again to each their own. If you’re going for a superhero themed wedding (styled), might as well go all out and purchase a superhero ring too!

Zelda Blue Diamond Ring

by:  Metal Wendler

How about a Zelda ring? Any guy that loves his video games (1980/90s classic The Legend of Zelda anyone!?) will appreciate this striking 2mm blue diamond designed ring.

White Gold Square Diamond Band

by: EVS Design

Loving the overall look of this ring, square and all!

Sapphire Wedding Band

by: Brilliant Earth

One of Brilliant Earth’s top 20 bands, the minimalist style of this wedding band with its’ vertical sapphire baguette is what sets it apart from the rest. Complete with a matte brushed finish, this ring may be simple, but it definitely has a presence about it.

Diamond Band with Sandblast Finish

by:  Alain Raphael Jewelry

Anytime you hear the words ‘sandblast finish’, you’ve likely got his attention. This is a beefy 8mm wide ring produced by designers in Montreal, Canada.

Channel Set Solitaire

by With Clarity

How that diamond doesn’t pop right out — I don’t know! The design is certainly unique and one that caught our eye.

Mountain Range Band

by SadjaJewelryDesign

Is your future hubby a mountain man at heart?  We love how this mountain range inspired gold ring blends a textured sky to resemble a snowy day, and then the mountains are polished smooth as if covered by blankets of snow.

Commanding Grey Titanium Band with Cable Band

by JewelryAvalanche

Guys who really love integrating industrial materials into jewelry will appreciate this super unique ring.

Diamond Gold Oxidised Ring

by: JustinDuance

An ethereal, earthy feel like something that should emerge from a cave in the Lord of the Rings. The diamond set in a textured diagonal crack is as unique as they come.

Meteorite Ring With Dinosaur Bone & Black Diamonds

by: Jewelry by Johan

Dinosaur bone. Meteorite. Titanium.

It doesn’t get much better than this for an epic ring for your man, lovin it!

Men’s Silver Wedding Bands

Silver World Map Band

by JewelryEscorial



If traveling is your thing and you want to show off a special place, customize your future husband’s ring with a unique map.

Add up to two different countries that mean something special to both of you: where you met, where the proposal took place, or even where you plan to move as a married couple.

Alternatively, a California designer can provide a unique ring that engraves the exact latitude and longitude ​of a special locationn — like where you got married!

Latitude and Longitude Band

by Monkeys Always Look

Fingerprint Ring

Designed by: Shtaim

What better way to express your love then putting your fingerprint on his ring? Gals get to look down at their diamond ring all the time and reminisce. Give him something to adore by adding your finger print to his ring.

​Textured Oxidized Ring

Designed by: Hot Rox Custom Jewelry

You can’t get any more unique or eye catching than this ring. Made from solid sterling silver and random drops of 18K yellow gold, the contrast of the oxidization and blue metal staining will even have your wedding guests sitting in the back row wanting to get a closer look.

Oxidized Sterling Silver​​​​

Designed by: Epheriell

​An Australian designer presents this ring made from brushed and oxidized sterling silver in a black-grey finish. Over time the ring will weather and the pattern will be unique to you.

​Speckle Textured Ring

by: CADI Jewelry

A unique and speckled texture ring. Dalmatian dog lovers may need to buy two of these rings just because!

Two Tone Wedding Band

Designed by: Lunaris Jewels

Can’t decide if you should buy him a gold or silver wedding band? Then get the best of both metals with this ring.

​Roman Numeral Silver​​ Ring​​

Designed by: Ada Rosman

I always forget if ‘X’ is 10 or 50 … but I’m sure you’ll be able to remember your special day by having it written in roman numerals on the ring itself.

​​Silver, Copper & Brass Ring

Designed by: Gilleri

​Oh My! A unique handcrafted ring made from three metals that will find a worthy finger for any Game of Thrones fan or lover of medieval wares. I am totally into this ring!

​Saw Cut Textured Ring

Designed by: Nodeform Weddings

A handcrafted ring inspired by the German wedding tradition of log cutting. Need we say more?

Organic Tree Inspired​ Ring​​

Designed by: OroSpot

​Similar to the gold version above, this unique ring is a sterling silver organic design made in New York.

Silver Wedding Band FAQ

Learn more about silver metal

Pure silver is in fact too soft of a material to be used for a wedding band. What you will come across when searching for a “silver wedding ring” is sterling silver. That means a .925 hallmark stamp on the inside of the ring.

  • Sterling silver is 7.5% copper alloyed with 92.5% silver (by weight).

Why choose silver for a wedding band

No other metal has a natural brilliance and radiance than that of sterling silver. Compared to platinum or white gold, sterling silver rings are much more affordable. It is a malleable metal, which makes it a favorite choice among jewelers as design options are endless!

What does ‘flashing’ mean in silver?

The term ‘flashing’ has a naughty connotation. For wedding bands, you may come across silver rings that are treated with a process called flashing: the ring is plated with a thin coat of 99.999% pure silver to give it some extra shine along with a luster finish. This thin layer of pure silver will wear off fairly rapidly with everyday wear.

Ways to keep silver looking shiny

Another option is to treat sterling silver rings with rhodium plate (just like white gold bands), which will increase the shine and durability. As with flashing, the rhodium will wear off over time and the wearer will need to have the ring re-plated.

  • PROS
    • ​No other metal has natural brilliance/radiance
    • Most inexpensive precious metal
    • Endless selection of styles
    • Silver rings do not require rhodium plate

  • CONS
    • ​Not as durable as other types of metals (i.e., palladium, gold, platinum, titanium, or tungsten)
    • Does require special care or the ring will eventually tarnish
    • Generally not recommended for everyday wear over long periods of time
    • Silver wedding rings can scratch and bend under pressure
    • ​Not a good choice if the wearer works in any capacity involving electricity as silver has the highest electrical and heat conductivity of any known metal

Men’s Platinum Wedding Bands



Get yourself a platinum wedding band and you’ll be in good company – platinum was originally developed in the late 1770’s for royalty.

There is something about these two rings that I really enjoy. Like laying the foundation of a house, the platinum ring on the left embodies the foundation and building blocks of your union as a couple.

While the ring on the right screams, “the future is now, join the robot machine while you still can!”

Platinum Night Sky

by:  lolide

platinum night sky ring

“The stars twinkled above in the clear night sky. The fall air was brisk; my lover took me into his comforting arms and whispered his undying affection into my ear for the first time.”

Some memories last forever.

Hand-Braided Wedding Ring

by: ​BlueNile

Hand braided men's wedding ring

​”He studied my hands intently as I braided my flowing blond hair. Then, just as I finished, he touched my head lovingly and slowly undid each braid. I melted to his touch and didn’t mind at all.”

Such is the power of a braid.

Collin Cowie Oyster Link Ring

by:  BlueNile

I confess: when I first added this men’s wedding band to the list, I had to go search the name ‘Colin Cowie’. Wedding personalities aren’t my thing, but i do really like his platinum designed men’s ring!

Hammer Textured Wedding Band

by:  Alysha Whitfield

Simple designs can produce stunningly unique results. Love the wavy shimmer of this platinum ring. The metal is finely textured by hand and the whole ring is polished to a high shine.

Platinum for a Wedding Band

Platinum rings were originally developed in the late 1770’s for royalty, and to this day they are still associated with high durability. They have a bright white-silver finish and give off a luxury timeless look.

Platinum is a high density precious metal that is very rare, and is also one of the heaviest metals used for wedding bands. Its malleable nature makes it perfect for wedding rings settings that require intricate filigree work. However, as like most precious metals, platinum is mixed with other metals, like cobalt, iridium or ruthenium to make it harder.

  • PROS
    • ​Extremely strong and durable
    • Hypoallergenic metal
    • Highly resistant to tarnish
    • 40% to 60% denser than gold
    • Platinum can scratch, but the rings surface can be cleaned and polished
    • Doesn’t need to be rhodium plated

  • CONS
    • ​Usually twice the price of an 18k white gold ring
    • Smaller selection than gold or titanium
    • Platinum mines have a very big environmental impact
    • Can be expensive to resize or repair
    • A heavy metal that will feel heavier than an 18k gold ring

Titanium Wedding Bands for Men




Yup, that’s right. Elk antlers and sound waves made it onto our top list of titanium wedding bands.

I seriously love the simple design and natural materials used in this elk antler ring. The 10k gold inlay and hand-turned titanium wedding band means you have a truly stunning piece of jewelry to wear.

On the flip side, a little bit of sound technology is required in order to forge this unique-as-your-voice titanium wedding band.

I wonder what a soundwave ring for Mariah Carey’s voice would look like!?


Rickson Jewellery

Soundwave Ring

​Gold Nugget Inlay Ring

by: ​Doug Peterson Jewelers

gold nugget inlay ring

​I would never have thought to put gold nuggets inlay into a titanium ring. I suppose that is why the talented Doug Peterson from Utah is the designer and I am not. Wonderful ​men’s wedding band!

​Pine Tree Design Ring

by: ​Ash Hilton

pine tree wedding band design titanium

If a pine tree ring sells online and no one is around to hear it, does it make a cash register ​sound?

We’ll leave that philosophical debate to you — we just really like this ring design.

Titanium with Blue Anodized Interior​

by: ​Minter & Richter Designs

Talented husband and wife team (we love to support spouses who work side-by-side!) from Boston. With over 1600 positive reviews on Etsy, their ring designs and service speak for themselves.

​Saturn Titanium Band

by: Romas Banaitis

​Look closely at this ring and you’ll see a magical world of shimmering color and fantasy. The aptly named ‘Saturn’ ring is certainly worthy of an out-of-this-world unique ranking on our list.

​Faceted Style Men’s Band

by: Jewelry by Johan

While the look is certainly unique, I have a feeling that this is one of those rings that you must physically touch and inspect in order to truly appreciate.

Titanium for a Wedding Band

Titanium is a metallic element that can be found in abundance and therefore is made into many different products like golf clubs, air crafts, watches and even wedding bands.

  • Found in the late 18th century, and fittingly named after the mythical Greek giants, the Titans, who personified different forces of nature and also ruled the earth.
  • Titanium is one of the transitional elements on the periodic table and can be found found in many forms.
  • Titanium is a lightweight, affordable metal, that has grown in popularity for grooms-to-be because it offers a luxurious appearance, as well as a high degree of strength.
  • Bands can be found in very light grey/white color and their actual finish can change through different methods of polishing and or brushing.

An important feature to note is titanium’s strength-to-weight ratio. It is the highest out of all the transitional metals, which means that titanium is light weight, with a low density, but is extremely strong. So, if you are looking for a light weight ring that you won’t feel while wearing, than titanium bands are the one to choose.

Titanium can be split into four grades: 1 through 4. Grade one is the softest form of titanium while grade 4 is the hardest. The best type of titanium for wedding bands is Commercially Pure (CP) grade titanium, which is 99% pure. Grades between 2 to 4 CP work best for rings.

  • PROS
    • ​Low maintenance and no need to re-coat
    • Reasonably priced, much cheaper than gold or platinum
    • Pure titanium is 100% hypoallergenic
    • Can be colored into a variety of colors
    • Strong, scratch resistant and durable
    • Poor conductor of heat and electricity
    • Light weight and easy to wear

  • CONS
    • ​Cannot always be resized (costly if required)
    • ​Titanium is a difficult metal to use for intricate designs, which mean ring designs are limited

Black Titanium Wedding Bands

While there are many sharp looking black titanium rings on the market, the problem lies in that many of these bands aren’t actually created through the treatment process which transforms the entire color of the band. Most of them have only been plated (will eventually wear away) or have had an ion treatment that is more durable than being plated, but will eventually wear away or chip as well.

If you have your heart set on buying a black titanium ring, keep in mind that real black titanium rings will ALWAYS involve a treatment of the entire metal. If there are any notes about coating or techniques of ions, heat, or glue, than the ring has probably been coated.

Titanium is naturally a grayish white color. To achieve the sharp looking black titanium wedding band, the titanium is treated one of two ways: by either applying black plate or by transforming the color of the metal with silicon dioxide and heat. As for the rings being treated with black plate, they may have been through a number of processes including heat/glue treatments and ion applications.

​Barcode Design Ring

by: ​J Ring Studio

Create your own unique barcode and have it engraved onto a ring. Don’t worry, its not a real barcode. So if it accidently gets scanned at the supermarket it won’t add an extra hundred bucks to your bill! ​

Koa Wood Black Titanium Band

by: Rings by Pristine

Koa wood black titanium wedding band
A jeweler from Virginia makes these striking koa wood and brushed black titanium rings.

​Polished Beveled Edge

by: ​LA Laser Engraving

polished beveled edge wedding band sett

This comes as a wedding band set for him and her. While the look is certainly unique, I have a feeling that the polished ring look ​appeals to a select couple.

Q: Why this list of unique wedding bands for men?

We see inspiring wedding products from around the world every day. We thought, ‘Why not share our passion for unique and beautiful jewelry objects with our readers?’

Q: What makes a guy’s wedding band unique?

That’s a tough question to answer. One person may think something is unique, while someone else does not. In order to define unique, one must first see what is not common.

Jewelry design and appeal has changed over the years. Look around at today’s newlywed grooms and see what rings they have on their fingers. Chances are the ring is a simple, solid gold or white gold band without embellishments. Then, take a look at some of the rings here and tell us if you agree that they are unique enough!

Q: Can I find wedding rings for women here?

Nope, this page is just for the guys. Check out this curated article we made if you need ideas for ladies wedding rings.

Q: Are prices accurate?

We update this page as often as ​we can. However, you should always check the retailer’s website for accurate and up-to-date prices.

The prices listed on this page are an indication only (where applicable) . Custom rings may be more or less expensive than the prices we indicate on this page.

Q: How do I buy a ring online?

This page lists the weird, wacky, and wonderfully unique men’s wedding bands that we love!

If you decide to click on a link and buy a lovely ring via this page, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra charge to you. Unless otherwise stated, all rings on this page are sold through independent artists or companies. Please read their respective policies regarding purchase, ordering, or customer service for further instructions.

Final Note: If one of the wedding rings ​really speaks to you, don’t wait too long to decide. It may be a one-of-a-kind item and could sell out!

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