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Groovy Groomsmen Gifts is a comprehensive online shop where future grooms can go discover unique groomsmen gift ideas. Our fun boutique shop includes some fun practical gifts, but also some really cool out of the box ideas that Love and Lavender's market might appreciate. Lastly, like Love and Lavender, we're fans of alliteration too!




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[thrive_accordion_group title=”Q & A with Groovy Groomsmen Gifts”][thrive_accordion title=”What advice about outdoor weddings or wedding planning can you offer?” no=”1/3″ default=”no”] “Keep it comfortable and simple, the last thing you want is a wedding party that is sweaty and has to peel off their gear afterwards.  You want the focus to be on everyone enjoying themselves, not squirming in their duds.  Make sure the garments you choose make sense for the weather and the outdoors and give them small gifts and stocking stuffers that enhance the theme around comfort and outdoors. ” [/thrive_accordion][thrive_accordion title=”How does Groovy Groomsmen Gifts go Above and Beyond for Each Groom?” no=”2/3″ default=”no”] “We scour the earth looking for the next cool groomsmen gift and 98% of our gifts are personalized, customized or creative in making sure that every groomsmen gift has a personal touch so that a groom can honor his men in a way that makes them feel unique and special.  The last thing we want is a guy to present some cliché or generic gift that ends up in a box somewhere shortly thereafter.”[/thrive_accordion][thrive_accordion title=”How Did You Get Into the Wedding Industry?” no=”3/3″ default=”no”] “Having gotten married years ago, there was a quick realization that most of the resources and services out there are pointed towards women.  Men kind of get the shaft, even though they are truly 50% of the party.  We saw a need to help guys understand their options and have the right material in front of them to make smart, cool choices for their groomsmen.” [/thrive_accordion][/thrive_accordion_group]