19 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

19 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

We’ve scoured our back catalog of real weddings as well as other online wedding sources we hold near and dear. Scroll down to go directly to our round-up list of 19 creative wedding guest book alternatives that are a tad more exciting to read through than a standard guestbook.

A wedding guest book no longer needs to be pen and bound paper. The form and shape of the traditional guest book has morphed to match changing wedding trends and tastes. Sure, the purpose of a guest book is to capture the names and well wishes of those special individuals who actually attended your wedding. However, we’ve seen many creative ways to accomplish this goal beyond pen and paper.

Let me ask you: which guest book idea is more exciting?

1) A standard hard cover book filled with blank pages; or

2) A giant bottle of wine that guests can sign using a gold color felt marker

For Love & Lavender’s own wedding, we opted for option #2!

L & L’s Wine Bottle Guestbook

Below is the picture of the unique wedding guest book Love & Lavender used at our wedding – a giant wine bottle! My husband and I love sharing a good bottle of wine now and again. So when Andrew went to Osoyoos for his bachelor party, he simply had to pick up a Jeroboam bottle of wine from one of his favorite Canadian wineries (Road 13 Vineyards).

Mind the eclectic mix of aluminum foil, wood popsicle sticks, and other sundry items on the table. They were all part of the wedding hunger games we devised as part of our reception.

Jeroboam wine bottle as wedding guest book

What is a Jeroboam?

No, not a type of wine, it’s actually the official name for a wine bottle size … FOUR bottles of wine in one to be exact! That left plenty of surface space for our guests to write their names and well wishes using gold and silver color felt pens.

A Meaningful Guestbook

The plan is to let this particular red wine blend age to perfection, and then uncork it for one of our bigger wedding anniversaries surrounded by special family and friends. Its a meaningful guest book and one that we can enjoy and share years later. Let’s face it, four bottles is great to share between a husband and wife, but I can only imagine the morning after.

When it comes to your own wedding guest book, put on your brainstorming hat and choose something that is meaningful.

  • Maybe you like wine like us and want to use an even BIGGER wine bottle size
  • Perhaps you are soccer coaches and want your guests to sign a soccer ball
  • Or, if you both love art your guests could sign a special piece of artwork

Whatever you choose as your wedding guest book, don’t have another dust collector sitting on a book shelf.


Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Drumroll please! Creativity and weddings are a natural match. And when it comes to wedding guest book alternatives, in recent years we’ve seen some pretty creative and imaginative ideas here on the wedding blog.

Add a bit of fun to your wedding day by coming up with a unique alternative idea for a guestbook. Let us know if you have a favorite once you’ve gone through the list!

1) Wishing Tree Guestbook

Place beautiful cherry blossom, manzanita, or magnolia branches in a pot. Make cards with ribbons attached and ask guests to write their well wishes or advice and hang the cards on the branches. Makes for a pretty keepsake for around the house afterwards.

Gold wishing tree for a wedding guest book

Manzanita Tree by Balsa Circle

Manzanita Tree by Balsa Circle

Wedding Tree by Trees 2 Art

Wedding Tree by Trees 2 Art

2) Postcards/Mailbox

Assemble postcards of the city or state where your wedding is held. Ask guests to sign the back of a postcard and slip it into a unique mailbox. This guestbook type would be perfect for a travel-themed wedding!

Post Box for guestbook at weddingwhite mail box for wedding guestbook

White mailbox listed on Amazon

White Mailbox listed on Amazon

3) Fill in the Blank Pages

We la-la-love this idea. Have guests complete a fun wedding mad libs. Grab you own Wedding Mad Libs here.

wedding madlibs guest book

4) Fingerprints Tree

Such a sweet and unique idea! DIY your own background by drawing a tree with lots of empty branches on a poster. At your wedding, place a sign asking guests to “leaf” a fingerprint and sign their name. If you don’t have the time or skills to DIY this project, get yourself a fingerprint guestbook tree from Etsy!

Fingerprint Tree by Wedding Stationery Des

Fingerprint tree by Wedding Stationery Des

5) Typewriter Guestbook

It’s not a new idea, but we still love vintage typewriters as guestbooks. Provide direction like asking guests to share some words of wisdom, and you’ll get more interesting responses. Yup, you can still buy a vintage typewriter on Amazon!

6) Sign the Poster

Get a poster that means something to the both of you. Ensure the poster has a large border edge space for guests to sign. Leave instructs for guests to write a message and you’ll have a wonderful keepsake for years to come!

Creative Guest Books - Sign a poster

Photos from Ghost Town Wedding

Custom wedding guest book print with frame by An Artsy Affair

Custom Wedding Guest Book Print with Frame by An Artsy Affair

7) Polaroid Guestbook

Another spin-off of the photo booth guestbook is to let guests take Polaroids of themselves, mount them in a book, and sign next to their photo.

Find a Fujifilm Instant Film Camera on Amazonfor a reasonable price.
Fujifilm Instant Film Camera on Amazon

Polaroid Guestbook idea

8) Map / Globe Guestbook

Write instructions on a chalk board asking guests to “Send you Across the World” by writing their names and a favorite world destination – what a fun idea! You could also ask them to leave you some “Worldly Advice!”

Chalkboard sign asking their guests to sign their globe guestbookglobe wedding guest book

Guest Book Map by Marsh mallow Ink LLC

Guest Book Map by Marsh mallow Ink LLC

The State Love Map by Miss Design Berry Inc

The State Love Map by Miss Design Berry Inc

Guestbook Globe by Nearly Scripted

Guestbook Globe by Nearly Scripted


9) Wine Themed Guest Books

Oenophiles (those who really enjoy wine) such as Love & Lavender will love this wedding guest book alternative! Guests can either sign their names and messages directly onto a bottle or via custom wine labels. Years later, pop the cork and drink to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary. A wine theme guest book provides both a fun idea on your wedding day as well as an event to dream about and look forward to in the future.

Wedding Guest Book Labels by Label with Love

Wedding Guest Book Labels by Label with Love

10) Save your Corks

My husband and I collect corks from bottles of wine that mean something to us. In fact, Andrew’s boutonniere was made out of the champagne cork that we drank on the night we were engaged. Read more about that particular unique boutonniere here.

If you like to save wine corks too (I Google’d and couldn’t find a cool name for this type of collector!), another idea to incorporate into your wedding guest book is pictured below. Guests sign a cork and place it into a shadow box.

Initial Wedding Shadow Box by Everything Etched AZ

Initial Wedding Shadow Box by Everything Etched AZ

11) Wood Working Skills

Are either of you good at wood working? If so, use your talents to create a magnificent masterpiece such as the bench pictured below, which guests can sign. Certainly a hefty keepsake that you can add to your backyard and use for many years.

DIY wooden bench as wedding guestbook

11) Sign a Guitar

Does music play a big part in your life? Share your passions with wedding guests by having them sign a musical instrument.

Guitar for wedding guestbook

12) Create a Custom Guest Book

Okay this idea is hugging the line of being a standard guest book …

Nonetheless, use your engagement photos to create a custom made book that your wedding guests can sign. I think it will be a treasured keepsake for you as a couple. I’m sentimental, so I actually think this is one of my favorite guest book ideas of all!

Create your own custom book with Montage Book.

Custom guestbook with engagement photosWedding guest book using engagement photos

13) Wood Slab Guestbook

A rustic wedding needs a guest book to match the theme. Nothing says rustic woodsy like a tree trunk slab. Have your guests sign a custom make wood slab for a keep sake you can hang on a wall … or in your husband’s man cave.

Wood Slab wedding guest book Wood slab wedding guestbook

Rustic Guest Book Wooden Slab by Mintage Designs

Rustic Guest Book Wooden Slab by Mintage Designs

Wedding Log by CD Shardwoods

Wedding Log by CD Shardwoods

Wall Letter by All Wood Too

Wood Wall Letter by All Wood Too for wedding guest book

14) Games Guestbook

Who doesn’t love a good board game? Incorporate games into your guest book theme and get guests to sign their very own Jenga piece. Ah yes, brings back fond memories every time I take one from the bottom and stack it on top!

Jenga by Crafty Witches Decor

Jenga wedding guest book by Crafty Witches Decor

15) Custom Puzzle Guestbook

Maybe you don’t play board games, but you are always up for a quiet time with a puzzle. Get a custom puzzle produced, and let guests know to sign, “Without you our puzzle isn’t complete. Please sign the back of a piece.”

Puzzle by Wedding Craft Shop

Puzzle wedding guestbook by Wedding Craft Shop

Puzzle guest book sign asking guests to sign a puzzle piece

16) Heart Drop Guest Book

Heart Guest Book Drop Top by Crafty Mama Gifts

Heart Guest Book Drop Top by Crafty Mama Gifts

17) Rock / Shell Guestbook

Pet rock anyone? This may seem like a weird (and potentially free) idea. However, perhaps you both enjoy strolling along a beach and have collected numerous special rocks or shells along the way. A fun and different idea is to have guests each sign a rock or shell. Add them to your garden or keep them in a vase as a fun memento.

table with rocks (or shells) as wedding guest book alternatives

Wedding guest signing a rock for wedding guest book

18) Football Guestbook

Sports fans or sports coaches will certainly love the idea of a pigskin at their wedding. Get your guests to sign a football, soccerball, or basketball to keep as a memory of your big day.

19) Recipes for Love

Last but not least, rather than giving a couple your best wishes I really like the idea of giving them advice on relationships and love. Let guests fill out their own recipe card for love.

I hope you have a better idea about your wedding guest book options! Please let me know in the comment section below what you ended up choosing for your wedding day.

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